It’s All Downhill from Here (Part 4)

I’ve been breaking down all of the emotions that go into the Blush & Tease Experience and although you may think it’s just a boudoir shoot, there are so many feels that go along with it. To look back and read the other parts of this blog series, check out the links below. But for now, let’s freefall into the final piece of the ride…it’s all downhill from here.

PART 1 – Intro

PART 2 – Is this ride for me?

PART 3 – The feelings in between…

This part of the ride starts when you climb the stairs up to the boudoir studio, throw your outfits all over the bed and enjoy the ride! From hair & makeup, to posing, to laughing and feeling like the hottest babe you’ve ever met…this part is so much fun! Even if you are incredibly nervous when you walk in, it fades when you start seeing the back of the camera and realize that what I’m capturing is STUNNING!

I don’t want you to just take my word for it, let’s hear from a recent client and enjoy some of her gorgeous photos.

Makeup: Nicole Toledo Makeup Artistry Hair: Jamie Lyn Hair Design

I remember when we were walking up to the studio the day of her shoot, hands full of gorgeous lingerie and shoes, excited for the day and she just kind of laughed shaking her head. I had to ask “WHAT?!” and she said something like “I just feel silly, like am I really doing this?”

“I felt kinda silly and almost embarrassed. I had this thought of who am I to get professional sexy pictures of myself like some kind of model!” 

Well, um yeah, you look like some kind of model. Ha!

Even though she had her doubts, she leaned into the experience and trusted me 100%. She appreciated my bossy-ness and every single outfit had our jaws hitting the floor!

“I felt so comfortable with you and completely at ease. Definitely didn’t think it would be so easy to pose in lingerie in front of another person!”

I asked her what her favorite part of the experience was and she said,

“That’s a toss up between the initial pampering of having my hair and makeup done and the amazing feeling by of seeing the pictures of myself for the first time! Wow! I never thought I could feel that good about myself.”

See, when I say it’s all downhill from here, I mean it! All of the nerves and doubts lead to a moment of actually seeing your beauty and it is 1000% worth it!

I remember showing her the back of the camera after I took this photo on the red velvet chair. Her hand went to her lower back and she looked confused, “My back can do THAT?”. It was such a cool moment to watch her surprise turn to awe. I love it when my clients get to be totally impressed with themselves!

When she came back for her reveal, it was impossible to narrow down her photos. She printed a gorgeous album & we commissioned Matthew Goodall to do a watercolor of her favorite photo. It all came together so beautifully.

But even more powerful is the way she sees herself now!

“My list of things I love about my body is longer and the things I still don’t love about my body just don’t bother me anymore. Seeing myself in a new light and feeling so much more confident now. I didn’t ever think I could look like ‘that’ girl.” 

So, if you’re still thinking about getting on that roller coaster, take it from a babe who just finished her ride. Although there will be moments of doubt and fear, the end result will be a game changer for your self confidence and for the way you see yourself. You deserve this!!