Your Shoot

Each Blush & Tease experience is carefully customized, so the first thing that happens when you book your session is our planning consultation. We will meet at my studio in Denver, CO and dig in! What does this shoot mean to you? What are you hoping to get out of it? What do you want to see in yourself? By the time you leave our planning meeting, nerves have faded and are replaced with pure excitement! You won’t be able to wait for the shoot to be here!


The day of the shoot you’ll come into the studio and start with hair & makeup. My team is the best of the best and will pamper you to the max! What woman doesn’t want THIS part of the experience?! Then, during our unlimited session time I will direct you 100% to capture that woman that you so badly need to fall in love with. This is seriously the MOST FUN part of the experience!


When you leave the studio you will be on cloud 9, ready to conquer the world, feeling like the most unstoppable version of yourself. So, trust me, plan a night out!

Then the torture...waiting to see those photographs! About 2 weeks after your session we meet again to go through your final photos and pick out your favorite must haves. This is one of the moments I value the most, when you get to see yourself in a new light and fall in love. I'm like...duh, that's what you looked like when I first saw you at our first meeting! The only thing that changed was your perspective! Then, I will walk you through choosing favorites and deciding on the perfect products to remember this experience forever.


I feel like there aren’t enough words to explain! Every single one of my clients is unique and they all deserve their own unique experience, even you! So let's chat about how to make this your very own moment.