I believe that God gave me the gift of loving people and seeing beauty in everything around me. I've turned that passion and my photography skills into something that I'm so dang proud of.

I just celebrated 21 years with my amazing, hard working, incredibly handsome bearded husband and we have 2 of the coolest teenagers on the planet. We moved to Colorado in 2013 and only fall more in love with this place every day.

I love hanging out and dreaming with other small business owners, slowly we will take over the world!

When I want to 'lose my mind & find my soul', I hike. And eat outside at every given opportunity.

I have lived in OH, TN, NV & CO. They say "home is where the heart is" so mine must be split into tiny pieces.

Other things I love...fires, spring time, french fries, laughter, cribbage, and red wine.