The Feelings In Between (Part 3)

I have been breaking down all of the feels that go into the Blush & Tease Experience. If you’ve been following along on the blog you may have figured out that this is so much more than a boudoir photoshoot and the feelings are ALL there! Next I want to talk about the “in between”. The moments where you begin to understand the powerful experience that you just dove into and you also think something like, “What did I get myself into?!”

In case you missed it…

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In the world of roller coasters, part 3 might feel like the *click click click* climbing the hill. It could feel like the view from the top being totally overwhelmed. Have you ever seen the cars returning as you’re leaving to start the ride? Their faces tell you ALOT about what you’re getting into haha! I’m calling it the “In Between” because you know you want to do this, I mean, you let them strap you in! BUT there are still so many moments that you might doubt that it was the right choice. BUT HERE WE GO!!

(Along for the ride…some gorgeous photos from a recent client that I can’t NOT share.)

Dream team: Nicole Toledo Makeup Artistry & Jamie Pittman

So if you’re wondering what it feels like in between booking a date and showing up for your shoot, here’s some ideas…

“This is going to be so fun!” Also, “What am I thinking?”

“Ohhhh, I might do some shopping!” Also, “I hate how everything fits me.”

“I get a pamper day!” Also, “What if I hate my hair & makeup?”

“I get to finally see myself like this!” Also, “Can I really pull this off?”

“I’m so proud to do something for me!” Also, “Why would I spend this money?”

Yeah, its alot. And I think it’s important to point it out so that you know, you’re not alone. So many women have felt this way and each of my clients have a unique experience because they are all in a different place in their life. Celebrating and battling different things.

A big deep breath in this part of the story is our planning meeting. After all of the unknowns, you get to come into the Blush & Tease studio, sit with me and chat. We get to know each other, I ask you some awesome questions. We have deep conversation about what you want to see in yourself. We talk about outfits and ideas. But in the spirit of the roller coaster of emotions, my velvet couch has seen tons of laughter and also some tears. So just come in with an open mind, some vulnerability and trust. It’s going to be soooo beautiful.

Then you’re back on your own again! You start on your homework, you find some outfits that are MUST haves…then you feel bloated…excitement…doubt…fear…”I CAN’T WAIT”!! This part of the journey looks different for everyone. Let me say this about the in between, it FLIES! And it is so full of ups & downs that there are moments that it might feel like it drags on forever. But guess what? The next step is walking up those stairs to your shoot and let me tell you babe, if you hold on for a little longer, it’s all downhill from there.

Part 4 coming soon…