Tell Her Story – Denver Boudoir Photographer

Welcome back to TELL HER STORY! This is part of the Blush & Tease Youtube line up that is so important to me. You can treat it like a podcast, listen to it in your car or while you’re on a walk. However you find a way to fit it into your day, I would love to invite you to dive into our conversation. Jessica came to me and asked me to photograph her as she told her story with dance. She is a professional ballroom dancer and her life lately has called her back to falling in love with herself. There are hard moments in her story and powerful breakthroughs. I can tell you that through this experience I found something in myself that I didn’t know was there. And in her words, she felt “her soul and her skin touch for the first time”.  Those all seem like big words to describe something as simple as a photoshoot, but this was so much more. To this day, it is one of my favorite shoots I have ever been a part of in my 17 years as a photographer. So I invited her back to the studio so we could relive the day, record it for my memory, and of course…tell her story.

But a Blush & Tease blog post wouldn’t be complete without some photos…get ready to have your jaw hit the ground as you see Jessica’s movement bring her back to different parts of her story. The emotions were so strong and so powerful that day and the photos show just a glimpse of her heart.

Dream team: Nicole Toledo Makeup Artistry & Tina Queen Hairstyling

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Jessica, Thank you so much for trusting me with something so incredibly important…your story. Thank you for leaning in, being vulnerable, and having the heart to show the world something they have never seen before. Your unique story and the way we captured it made an impact on my soul and I can not thank you enough for letting me play a little role in your journey. Your grinch voice lives in my head rent free and please promise me one day soon we will have a decadent Kum&Go coffee while we catch up. I’m so freaking proud of you. You have found a way to rise up from what could have destroyed you. You are a force and it is an honor to know you.