Red Lingerie – Denver Boudoir

It is so much fun to see the different colors that come through the boudoir studio! Most of my clients end up with tons of black, white, or jewel tones BUT when a client brings in RED I know we are going to have a good time! Red can feel super bold but also doesn’t have to. It can feel bright and powerful but there are so many different reds to choose from that you really can make it feel however you want.

Ready for some proof?

Let’s start with a red bodysuit that sat on this babe’s body just right and made all of her tattoos pop! (Peep the back of it in the mirror, YES!)

OR how about your favorite PJ set? This red choice was personal to her, which meant so much and was a blast to pose with.

Here are a couple more bodysuits that I absolutely loved. The more bold red looked amazing on my velvet furniture! And the deeper red paired with a sweater made it feel more casual and effortless.

Let’s take a moment for this strappy set from Amazon! They have it in SO many colors (I have it in black and love the way it fits). And you know I’m a sucker for leg harnesses!

If you want to bring in something that feels a little festive (think Valentine’s Day or Christmas), this is such a fun set to invite someone to unwrap haha!

So really as I wrap up a blog all about red lingerie I just have to say this, don’t shy away from red! There are so many options and it can be such a fun addition to your boudoir shoot! Let me show off a few more to seal the deal…

Next time you’re out shopping for lingerie, take a chance and try the red! You never know what you’ll end up loving.