It’s Not About Your Body – Denver Boudoir

Sounds crazy right? I’m a boudoir photographer, it HAS to be about your body. As I chat with ladies who know they want to dive into this experience one of the biggest hesitations is how they feel about their body. But I’m here to tell you…IT’S ACTUALLY NOT ABOUT YOUR BODY. It feels impossible to explain, but let me try.

(It wouldn’t be a boudoir blog without some gorgeous photos sprinkled in. Dream team: Nicole Toledo Makeup Artistry & Jamie Pittman)

The way we feel about our bodies is usually in a state of ebb & flow.

There may be days that you feel really good in those jeans, proud you’re drinking enough water, or impressed with what your body can do. And other days that you avoid looking in the mirror, you don’t even want to think about trying on clothes, and your mind bullies your body.

The Blush & Tease Experience during the flow of loving our body is a total celebration! You’re picking out lingerie you feel good in, you’re pumped to capture where you are at in life, it’s such a great place to be! It feels easy and natural to commit to the process.

When you’re having a hard time loving on your body the last place you want to be is trying on lingerie and getting in front of a camera wearing basically nothing. But guess what? That’s exactly where you need to be.

Let me be very clear, as much as I would love to say that loving your body comes and goes and that’s just part of life, I also know that some people live in a state of NOT loving their body for a VERY VERY long time. But don’t you DARE think that’s where you have to stay. It is hard work. Loving on yourself doesn’t just fall into your lap one day. You don’t wake up a confident person. This is a choice you have to make and fight your way through it. The Blush & Tease Experience is a tool to help get you to the other side.

When you book a shoot with me, we are going to dive into your story. If you are in a place of celebration and loving that bod, I’m right there with you! But if you’re looking at me like, what did I just sign up for? There is no way I’m ready for this?! I’ve got you. I’m going to show you why you should be in love with yourself. (Did you catch that, I didn’t say in love with your body…that part happens next.) I’m going to guide you through picking outfits that you feel incredible in, I’ll give you homework that helps you learn about your own self confidence, you’ll be challenged to push yourself out of that comfy box. And as you show up for it, you’ll impress yourself and realize that loving yourself isn’t as far away as you thought it was.

I once had a client tell me that she felt like I was photographing her SOUL, not her body. 

THAT is EXACTLY what I want to do. I want to photograph you, as a woman, all of your heart and soul and mind and well, your body gets to come along for the ride. But it’s not about what size you are, the way your body has changed since having kids, the moments that your body has failed to show up for you, the weight that you put on or the weight you have lost. It is about you. Your radiant heart, your contagious laugh, your strong mind, oh soooo many things you should be in love with! And as you find each one of them, other things will start to fall into place. Don’t let your body hold you back from falling in love with yourself. It’s your turn.