“That’s What She Said” – Denver Boudoir Reviews

Sometimes when I’m reading through my clients’ post shoot questionnaires I have to stop and remember the first time I met her. Usually by the time I’m reading all about their boudoir experience and the confidence it gave them, I have completely forgotten that they told me how many insecurities they have about their body. At the planning meeting they explain how they are shy about their appearance or that they really don’t feel “sexy”. When the planning and the shoot and the photos and the order is all complete, it’s almost impossible to remember what she looked like when she was not oozing confidence! I feel so lucky that I get to be a part of this process for so many women!

Now onto her words (and a few anonymous photos that are absolutely STUNNING)…

What was your favorite part of the Blush & Tease Experience?

“Adena has you put thought and time into your motivations for the shoot, your outfits, everything! It helped me realize that this experience was about more than a beautiful picture (which the pictures are BEAUTIFUL by the way ????????). It was an all encompassing experience that helped me realize that I have everything I need to be a confident, stunning, powerful woman and that no one was standing in my way, except for me. Well, not anymore!”

Did you have any hesitations about booking your boudoir session?

“Definitely. But from meeting Adena the very first time, most of those went away and I just felt excitement. She helps you realize that it is not wrong or shameful or secretive to do this kind of photo shoot. It is empowering and vital to learn to see yourself as the beautiful person that you are. Sure I was still nervous. But the good kind of nervous!”

What was the  best part of working with Adena?

“Everything! She is a sweet, funny, calming presence and just made the shoot so much fun! I thought I would be terrified the whole time. But she honestly made me forget I was having pictures taken of me in my underwear!! ????”

Has this experience changed how you feel about yourself?

“I am a more confident person now than I’ve EVER been! And I haven’t even shown anyone my pictures! I just saw them for myself and went through the experience with Adena and I am so much more confident!” -A

A, Thank you so much for letting me share a little piece of your story. It was so much fun to watch you fall in love with yourself! You are so beautiful inside and out and I’m incredibly thankful you trusted me through this experience!