Let’s Talk Digitals – Denver Boudoir

Digitals of my boudoir photos…do I want them? Do I need them? And what do I do with them?

First let me be REALLY clear and tell you it is 1000% more important for you to have your boudoir photos printed. The Blush & Tease album tends to be the most popular choice to keep your photos safe in one spot for you to come back to over and over. Also, let’s take a moment for wall art. PLEASE hang your photos on your wall! It is so empowering to wake up and see them as you start your day! I will spend some time breaking down each boudoir product that I offer in the studio but for now…let’s talk about digitals. 

Digitals are available in 4 different collections after your Blush & Tease Experience. Some clients know they want them, actually they even go into the shoot thinking that’s all they want! Some clients aren’t sure what in the world they would even do with them.

I can’t dive into a boudoir blog without some photos! I mean, wouldn’t you want to get creative with these digitals?!

Let’s talk about the top 3 reasons that I think you should have your digitals…

1. Access to your boudoir photos without carrying around your Blush & Tease album

It is so empowering to look at your photos! One of my clients recently said, “I gotta scrape my jaw off the floor!! I don’t even recognize that person! Is it bad that I just want to stare at those pictures?!” And no way, it is actually absolutely wonderful that you are finally seeing your beauty. Another client said she uses hers as her apple watch wallpaper! “I shuffle them in and when they pop up I remember what a sexy MF I am!” Or hey, do you want to send a saucy text mid day? I’ve heard alot of my clients end up being someone’s lock screen on their phone. How about show a friend the outfits you wore because she’s planning her shoot now? Although the album is my favorite, having access to your boudoir photos digitally is so freaking handy!

2. Availability to print your boudoir photos in more creative ways. 

And let me tell you, there are a million ways to get creative here! I have had clients find fine art painters on etsy, print a whole gallery wall of black & white photos, create adorable playing cards, embroidered hoodies, and so much more. Although I love every product that I offer in the studio, I know there are so many more beautiful options out there and I want you to find them and DO IT (and then show me)!

3. The Blush & Tease app

THE WHAT?! I always forget to talk about the app so it is happening NOW! Every digital that you get in your boudoir collection is also delivered in the Blush & Tease app. The app holds those photos all in one place on your phone so you can go through them whenever you want. It totally has the feel of the album, storytelling its way through the day of your experience. Because all of the photos are made for the app, it won’t take up tons of room on your phone (unlike your actual full resolution digitals – those are some BIG files so you can print them!). I recently asked my clients what they did with their digitals and I had multiple people tell me that the app was the thing they viewed the most just because of how easy it is to access!

I also want to talk about the FULL digital collection. A couple of the collections come with the digitals that you picked for your album, which is amazing! I mean, those are your favorites! The full digital collection is ALL of the photos that you see at your reveal meeting. And let me tell you, you may think you know your favorites now but next year a different photo may speak to you. In 10 years a shot may stand out to you depending on where life takes you. It’s pretty incredible to have access to all of them. 

I once had a client who ordered one of the Blush & Tease collections that had an album, her digitals from her album and a print. She also signed a full release. About a year after her shoot I posted one of her photos on instagram and she texted me later that day…”WAIT, is that ME? Why didn’t I pick that one?!” Haha! I’m not sure but I loved it enough to make sure the internet saw it! And of course the next question was, “Can I still get them all?!”.

And guess what?! You can! If you are interested in purchasing your full digital collection, email me! And then let me know which ones you fall in love with and how you use them!