Scarlett – Boudoir Furniture

I do a lot of blogging about favorite boudoir photos, favorite boudoir outfits, but we never talk about my favorite boudoir FURNITURE! If you’ve ever heard me talk about my studio, you’ve heard me say that its my happy place. The light is breathtaking, exposed brick forever has my heart, it is comfy and private and it is full of all of my favorite velvet furniture, mirrors, plants, rugs…I could go on and on! Today I want to introduce you to Scarlett. She is absolutely stunning! Maybe a little awkward to sit in, but my boudoir babes posing on her send her to the top of my list.

I met Scarlett last fall in the back of a Home Goods store. She stopped me in my tracks. I stared, I touched, I sat, I wandered around the store and came back to her over and over. I need you to know that I wanted her so bad BUT ALSO I see things on a regular basis and think “I’d put a naked lady there” so I had to take a minute and contemplate if she was an actual winner for the Blush & Tease studio. After thinking about the price and the lack of space in the studio, I walked away. And walking away from something at a store like that is really goodbye. Never to be seen again. I thought about her for days. When I was at my studio I imagined her next to the window. I started thinking of poses and how her color would bring character to so many outfits. I was kicking myself for not committing so I decided to go back and MAYBBBBEEE there was a small chance she was still there. I walked in and straight to the back and there she was, right next to another just like her and 50% off. I was sad to separate such beautiful twins but I’m sure the other one found a great home and is loved as much as Scarlett. Her color is something like a deep cranberry and my amazing private Facebook group helped me name her. The rest is history.

I think it’s time that you see why I love her so much…

There are so many pieces and accessories in the studio that I’m just head over heels in love with! Which one should I do next?