Denim & Nothin’ – Boudoir Wardrobe

I wanted to start sharing some of my favorite outfit ideas that come through the studio for your boudoir wardrobe. Things like bodysuits, lace robes, leg harnesses, bra & panty sets…I could go one and on. But I can’t believe I’ve never blogged about how much I love DENIM! Of course, if we have had a conversation about things you can bring to your boudoir session that are NOT lingerie, denim has for sure come up because it is my absolute favorite. I even had an amazing artist make me my own personalized Blush & Tease denim jacket and you KNOW it will be a part of my next boudoir session for myself! (If you want to see it, click here to watch an instagram reel all about it!) Sometimes we pair denim with white, this can be incredible for some bridal shots. Sometimes we pair it with really strappy boudoir lingerie. BUT my favorite thing to pair with denim…nothin’.

It can be jeans, shorts, high waisted, a jacket, a shirt, ripped, dark, light, WHATEVER…denim is so much fun to play with in the studio! Here’s some proof…

denim boudoir

denim shorts boudoir shoot

boudoir wardrobe denver

boudoir shoot wardrobe

And don’t you love how all of these babes are wearing the same thing BUT they all feel so different!

Denim can be flirty, it can be powerful. Casual or more elegant. I’m obsessed.

denver boudoir denim

jeans boudoir

And of course you can add a few things to make it your own. Where are my hat babes? Maybe some body jewelry would elevate it a bit. Or how about WATER?! AHHH! We love when we get to pull water into some shots! So saucy!

boudoir photo jeans

denver boudoir denim

So tell me…what kind of denim would you bring to your shoot? If it sounds like something you would love, let’s chat your planning meeting! We can talk about how to make it perfect for you.