White Lingerie – Denver Boudoir

Out of all of the colors I see come through the boudoir studio, white is one of my top favorites, for sure! For so long, the only clients that brought white were brides and I always LOVED to style and shoot it. Recently, more and more women are jumping on the white lingerie bandwagon and I could not be more excited about it!

HEAR ME! You do NOT have to be a bride to wear white lingerie!

Whether it is a bodysuit, a bra & panty set, a crop top or a robe…white is such a perfect touch to your boudoir shoot. We can shoot it flirty, steamy, wild or carefree. It works every time!

Let me show you a little line up…

See what I mean?! I absolutely love DENIM + WHITE!! (And that pearl belly button ring is the perfect touch!)

And SHEER + WHITE!! Texture dreams!!

I always love to add floral to a shoot and the way this maternity boudoir shot came out was magical!

And of course, don’t forget that white looks AMAZING for your outdoor boudoir shoot too!

I hope this blog makes you think twice before you reach for JUST black lingerie. Where the white! I’m so obsessed!!