Blush & Tease Turns NINE!! – Denver Boudoir

Nine years ago I made my first post on instagram as “Blush & Tease”. What a wild ride it has been and I’ve loved every second of it! So HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY BLUSH & TEASE!!

But long before that, I set up my backdrop and a light in one of my best friend’s house and made a fun night full of boudoir for some friends…that’s really where it all began. Followed by completely booked weekends in hotels and so many women who trusted me with my camera. Here is link to listen to the story of where Blush & Tease really got started! (And yes, this little video is an IGTV from 2020 haha!)

But today I just want to take a minute and truly express my gratitude. I could not do what I do without you. Whether you are a client who has been brave enough to step into this process, a woman determined to one day get in front of my camera, or just a spectator, friend or family cheering me on from wherever you are…THANK YOU! Not only do you keep the logistics of this dream business going, you also have always been my inspiration to continue to grow. You remind me over and over that what I’m doing is exactly what I was made for. You push me to get creative, you rally behind me when I need support, and you challenge me to be the leader that the women around me need.

I was recently asked to put what I do into words. I always say that it is SO MUCH MORE than boudoir photography but sometimes I feel like you have to walk through the experience to understand! After lots of thought, the right words finally found me…

I help women see and understand who they really are so they can fall in love with themselves and live their lives with confidence.

I could not dream of a more fulfilling and meaningful business. AND GAHHH! We have SO MUCH FUN!!

(Oh and thanks to my boudoir bestie for some new killer headshots – Ashley Kidder Boudoir)

So today I’m announcing something SOOOO FUN to celebrate YEAR 9!! Make sure you watch the instagram, check out the private FB group OR if you’re on our email list…you’ll see the details there!

I hope to see you in the studio soon!