That’s What She Said – Denver Boudoir Reviews

I’m so excited to share this review from a recent maternity boudoir babe! I was in tears reading it and she’s allowing me to share her words with you! I truly believe that the Blush & Tease Experience is so powerful at every point in a woman’s life. The way she describes what her boudoir session does for her STILL TODAY is so beautiful.
“I hung my framed print in our bathroom and I look at it every day. Especially on days when I am feeling far from sexy – my changing body unadorned, hair a mess and spit up probably somewhere on my person – I look up at that photo and it reminds me that I am that powerful, sexy, strong, feminine woman I see in that picture. An image of myself that I sometimes can’t believe is me, like who is that Calvin Klein maternity supermodel?”

“It makes me physically smile and gives my insides a boost. I am always that woman, no matter what the day has thrown at me.”

“Thank you so so much for that experience and for those images that I so deeply cherish. I am crying as I write this. I would love to do a shoot with you again one day because you gave me a me that I know is there and sometimes miss. The work you do is so much more than just photographs of women in lingerie, it’s a testament to the women we all are inside that we need to let shine more.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
– A