A Look Back at 2022 – Denver Boudoir

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is look back at all of the amazing women who came through the Blush & Tease studio. I am IN AWE of these babes. For those of you who trusted me with your boudoir experience in 2022, THANK YOU! I truly feel so honored to play a small part in your self love journey. Thank you for leaning in, trusting the process, and making my year SO MUCH FUN! I adore every single one of you. I mean…LOOK AT THIS LINE UP!

As we welcome 2023, I just wanted to take a moment to challenge you. In the next year I want you to give yourself the permission to be the woman you are meant to be. It is time to show up for yourself. This is going to mean something different to every single person who reads this. Maybe you need to invest in your self care, maybe you need to find new friends who really see how incredible you are, maybe you need to spend more time alone. Is it challenging yourself to something hard or walking away from something that is no longer serving you? Learn something you’ve always wanted to learn (anyone want to take line dancing lessons with me?! Haha!), join a book club, talk about things that mean something to you, STOP HOLDING BACK. Give yourself the permission to be you. And love you. Lean in to the incredible woman you are and show up for her. You show up for so many people every day, are you on that list?

In 2023 I turn 40. WOAH! So of course I’m reflecting on a lot of these things and I would love to take you along with me. Make sure you join our private Facebook group (click here) and find me on instagram (click here) to follow along more closely! The first thing I’m doing is diving into self care to celebrate my birthday for the whole month of January. Facials anyone?