Will you help me with posing? – Denver Boudoir

Adena here, boudoir photographer in Denver, CO. I just wanted to pop in and answer a frequently asked question. I hope that this is helpful and eases your nerves, even if it is just a little! I totally understand that a boudoir photo shoot can be intimidating and full of SOOO many questions. Well, let me answer one big one for you and put your mind at ease. Let’s start with BOUDOIR POSING, HELP!

“Will you help me pose at my boudoir shoot?!”

Yes, of course! I’ll sprinkle in some gorgeous boudoir beauties while you read about posing and how it is 100% my job!

I do not expect any client that walks into the studio to know how to pose.

I do not think that they will know what to do with their body or their face. That is 100% my job! I have specialized in boudoir for over 9 years and I am confident in posing and communicating those poses to my clients. In other words, I guess you could say I’m bossy. HA!

Because we do a detailed planning meeting, I know how you want to be photographed and what you want to see in yourself. It is my job to pull that out of you, direct your body and the mood in that way, and then capture your beauty. Your job is to simply trust me.

And not only will I tell you what to do from head to toe, I will also make you feel completely comfortable throughout the whole shoot. We are just friends hanging out (one of us is bossy, the other is along for the ride, you know those friendships right?!). We have SO MUCH FUN and you get to be insanely impressed with yourself!

I feel like I can say it all day long…Don’t worry about posing! I will direct you! You can do this! Don’t think you’ll look awkward! Let me turn it over to Paige, the Blush & Tease studio assistant, who has been in front of my camera MANY times. Maybe she can convince you!

Paige here!! By now many of you know I have done MANY shoots with Adena, and at this point I have a pretty good grasp on what posing looks like. But there was a time when I had absolutely ZERO knowledge about how to pose and what to do with my body…I was dancing for a professional sports team when I met Adena and despite knowing my body better than most, posing myself for a boudoir shoot was completely out of my wheelhouse. Where do I put my hands?! The only reason I know as much as I know now is purely because of Adena’s guidance (which is a nice way of saying she’s REALLY bossy). Before you begin shooting, Adena gives you the rundown with her top posing rules, which she reminds you of throughout the shoot. From that point on she bosses you around the studio telling you which outfits to wear, where to place your body, and yes, what to do with your hands and your face. This part of the shoot is SO EASY for her clients. You don’t have to think about anything, you just have to show up! Adena has a keen eye and she pinpoints the PERFECT poses for each client and the outfits they are wearing (or not) that encapsulates each client’s unique beauty. All of this is to say you do not have to worry about posing! Adena is a posing professional and your only job is to enjoy this amazing experience!

How about some fun video proof? Head over to instagram to see how this pose came to life!