Black Lingerie – Denver Boudoir

I have been loving blogging different colors that come through the boudoir studio! And I have to say that the most popular “color” is black and I am NOT mad about it. I love black lingerie for boudoir shoots! At your planning meeting we talk through so many options when it comes to colors, styles, textures and how to use them all to create variety for your shoot. And although I have clients who bring NO black, I’ve also had a few who have brought ONLY black!

Black symbolizes mystery, power, elegance and sophistication. And wow, does that definition track for these photos!

I remember this client had NO IDEA she could bring so much spice to her session. When she went to Femme Fatale and found this outfit, she was in love. Sometimes you just don’t realize what you’re missing until you give it a try!

I LOVE a good, black lacey bodysuit! They bring some romance into the power color. The long sleeves are GORGEOUS or add some jeans to bring a more casual feel.

This strappy bodysuit from Victoria’s Secret is so powerful!

Black sets with thigh highs and garter belts are always a hit!

And you know my preference for a little something that is “not lingerie”…

Black can really work for every session. Whether you want it to be sweet…

or spicy!

Texture can change everything! Something lacy brings carefree, timeless romance to your photos.

And leather can bring the mystery and fire! WOW!

Black is the most popular color lingerie in my studio and after building this blog, I have to say it is the most versatile. It really works for every woman! Wear black lingerie to your boudoir session or just put it under your clothes to feel sexy all day long. If you’re waiting for a sign to get yourself some black lingerie…hint, hint. This is it!