Be. You. Beautifully. – Denver Women’s Event

Hello gorgeous, gorgeous babes!!

I am officially inviting you to get your butt to one of the most amazing events in Denver this year! Heather Baker is bringing together some of the most talented, skilled and inspiring women that I have met to create a day full of self love, beauty, and confidence. When I think about everything we are going to cover on April 30th, it’s impossible to put it all into words, but I can tell you…you don’t want to miss it!

Last year we got together for the first ever Be. You. Beautifully. Event and learned so much about makeup and skincare. Then it took us further, diving into mental health, body positivity, and really defining what our beauty means to us. We created a community that pushed us deeper into femininity and cheered us on outside of that room for the rest of the year.

Lets freaking do it again!! Check out the Be You Beautifully website for all of the information and to grab your tickets as soon as you can click it, because they are selling out fast. Then send me a quick message that you’re a Blush & Tease babe so I can let Heather know that you’re with me!

BONUS!! I’m giving away at a shoot at the event!! You know I can’t show up and not get one of you babes in front of my camera. All you have to do to win the shoot is get your ticket and enter your name. (PS. I hope you win)

Make sure you contact me with ANY questions at all! I can’t wait to see you there!