“Hey babe, I see you.”

I’ve been wanting to start a blog series called “Hey babe,” for such a long time. My desire is to speak truth to the women who happen to come across my website and might need a little encouragement during this crazy thing called life. I have sat across from SO many of you at different stages, dealing with different things and struggling to see your beauty in all of it. It is so easy for me to lean in and listen and cheer you on, it’s truly what I am most passionate about! But as deep as we may dive during the Blush & Tease Experience, I hope this blog can take these words wide. To the women who aren’t in Colorado or the women not looking for a boudoir photographer. To the women who just need some words that might help them through today and remind them of their beauty and worth. So let’s do this…

Hey babe, I see you. I see YOU.

Not your accomplishments or your failures.

Not your title at work or your many titles at home.

Not your skin care routine or your meal prepping.

The list could go on and on.

There are so many things that consume your time and energy. And although those things can make your life more full, vibrant, and beautiful, sometimes they also distract you from just seeing yourself.

When you strip away everything else, you are a person, a soul, who deserves to be seen. Seen & loved.

Babe, I see you. And I love what I see! You are worthy of taking up your own space, not just holding space for everything and everyone around you.

Maybe it’s time that you see YOU too.

And it wouldn’t be a Blush & Tease blog without some gorgeous boudoir photos to finish it off. Here are a couple of recent clients that have so many title and are so selfless in taking care of others. But I truly hope that their experience reminded them of how beautiful they are and how worthy they are of being seen.

Dream team: Nicole Toledo Makeup Artistry & Hayley Styles