Maternity Meets Boudoir – Denver Photographer

A few months ago I had the opportunity to work with another photographer creating a shoot that taught us both so much. It was extra special because that photographer is also one of my best friends who came to visit me in Denver and just happened to bring her camera and her creativity to play. Ready to see what happens when maternity meets boudoir?

Essie is an insanely talented newborn photographer in Las Vegas. Make sure to go check out her work HERE and go give her instagram a follow HERE! You will love seeing her perfectly posed babes and her style is just breathtaking! Essie also photographs maternity clients! We had been dreaming up a little collaboration for SO LONG and we finally made it happen!

With Essie’s knowledge of studio lighting and posing mommas and my knowledge of photographing women mostly naked, we both decided what we wanted to learn from the day and then got to work finding models and styles that would make this happen. I just LOVE the way the whole day turned out!

Before we dive into the photos, I would love to briefly mention my appreciation for different genres of photography. When I met Essie, I was shooting everything. Families, high school seniors, kids, newborns, boudoir…and fun fact, Essie and I have even shot a couple of WEDDINGS together haha! Although there are photographers who make this work (hey, I did for a long time), I love to watch an artist SOAR once they decide what they love to do and focus only on that. When I decided to specialize in boudoir, everything changed. My time and energy was spent learning how to empower and support women, how to make them feel comfortable in front of a camera, and how to style every client in a way that highlighted her beauty. I dove into learning posing and lighting that gives every mood a woman could want to see. Essie was the same way when she started. “Can I put a baby in that?” Her investment in props, backdrops, and camera equipment set her up for stunning photos. But when she put her heart into learning the science behind making a newborn baby sleep through a 4 hour session (WHAT?!), how to make parents feel comfortable with handing that precious new babe over to her, lighting, styling, posing and truly empowering mommas. That’s where she shines! Every genre of photography requires a different set of tools & training and I am just blown away when I see someone really excel in their specialty!

Ok…back to maternity meets boudoir…

Dream team: Makeup by Heather B. & Hayley Styles

I just LOVE the cozy vibes of this outfit! The neutral colors with the pop of gold in her accessories turned out so beautiful!

These CK photos were totally outside of my comfort zone. Essie helped me master the studio lighting and I’m in total awe!

If you are a maternity client of mine, I will probably beg you to bring a crop to your session…now maybe you see why?! SOOOO cute!!

And this gorgeous gold dress was something I fell in love with and just HAD to have! It is in the studio closet for my future maternity clients too. I can’t wait to use it again!