Self Love Challenge – Denver Boudoir

Last year I started a stories series on my instagram called “Real Talk”. I wanted to dive into self love, self care and self confidence. I quickly realized that I had so much to learn & so much work to do in all of those areas and I think that is the reason I didn’t continue sharing my thoughts. You know that feeling of “You’re not an expert and maybe you should sit down.”? Well, I can tell you that I’m doing the work but I’m sick of sitting down. I have thoughts on my heart that I need to share with my babes. I want to be here for you and even though I’m learning too, we can do this together! SO, I’m doing a little flashback to remind you of a self love challenge that I shared last year. If this hits home at all for you, I would love to read your comments and have a conversation so we can learn and grow together!

The whole Blush & Tease Experience really does break down into these 3 things…Self Love, Self Care and Self Confidence. Whenever I ask my instagram followers or my private FB group which one they struggle with the most, Self Love always wins. I think that’s because the other 2 are kind of wrapped up in Self Love. So let’s talk about it!

Here is just a simple thought that I want you to work through. Take your mind away from self love and think about the people who you love. Who do you just absolutely LOVE?! Your partner, your mom, your bestie? Maybe your kids, your dog? Think of who that is. A living, breathing thing (not your plants or your books or your coffee). Name it.

Now let’s take it a bit further. How did you fall in love them? Do you remember those moments? Or was it love at first sight (KIDDING!!)? No, it was probably when you were spending time together, laughing together, getting to know them. How did you fall in love with those people? Spend some time with these memories!

Is it obvious where I’m going with this? Can you take this and apply it to YOURSELF? Do you spend time with yourself? Have you gotten to know yourself? Do you laugh with yourself, actually, do you laugh AT yourself? That’s important haha! Give yourself some grace. It is so much easier for us to offer grace to the people that we love. You don’t expect them to be perfect. You’re not going to be perfect! If you’re a mom think about this. You loved that baby before you ever held it in your arms. You didn’t know what they were going to be like but you loved them to their core. Is it because you spent time with them? Because you cared for them, you grew them? Yes!

So let’s take those simple thoughts and LOVE ON OURSELVES!

Drop your thoughts in the comments…let’s talk about it!

And you know I can’t finish a Blush & Tease blog without some gorgeous boudoir photos!

Dream team: Nicole Toledo Makeup Artistry & Hayley Styles