The “Non-Lingerie” Boudoir Shoot

As much as I absolutely LOVE lingerie, I understand that lingerie isn’t for everyone. Many of my clients are more comfortable in their everyday wear or even wearing nothing at all! I want to show you that you can have an incredible boudoir experience with items you likely already have. Do me a favor…after you read the rest of this blog, walk over to your closet and take a look. I guarantee you will find at least five (yes, FIVE!) perfect pieces you could use for a boudoir shoot. Ask yourself, “what would this look like with nothing underneath??”. Many of my clients have used sweaters, their husband’s button-down shirts, baseball jerseys, leather jackets, cropped hoodies, blazers, pencil skirts, shawls, jean jackets, yoga pants, trench coats, cropped t-shirts, a simple black bodysuit, and even their favorite pair of jeans. The possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing (or undressing) you for your boudoir shoot. What matters most is getting to see YOU! Whatever your personality or style is, we want to see you in your truest form feeling your absolute best. There is nothing more stunning than a woman as her most confident self, wearing what she feels most confident in!

I absolutely love the soft pink knitting in this sweater – it creates a beautiful silhouette with the perfect pop of color!

Button down shirts are some of my favorite pieces to photograph with – they’re so versatile!

Simple crop top + panty set = PERFECTION

Denim jackets look great everywhere, but especially in your boudoir wardrobe!

Who doesn’t love a good bodysuit? You can be as colorful or as simple as you like, and the best part about them is we can photograph you at every angle!

What did I tell you about using your favorite pair of jeans??

When it comes to boudoir photography no clothing item is off limits! We can create an absolutely STUNNING gallery for you based on items you already have in your closet! So, go take a look in that closet with fresh boudoir-focused eyes and see what you can find!

Dream Team: Makeup By Heather B. + Hayley Styles