It’s SO Much More – Denver Boudoir

If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, I’m sure you’ve heard me say the words “It’s so much more than sexy lingerie and pretty makeup”. As hard as it is to explain the Blush & Tease Experience, that’s usually where I start. But really that statement barely scratches the surface.

It is so much more than how you feel about your body.

It is so much more than how many wrinkles you do or don’t have.

It is so much more than finding perfect lingerie.

It is so much more than getting pampered.

This experience is all about being vulnerable and allowing me to capture the woman that you are. Everything else just falls into place. And although that may sound like a simple goal, you guessed it, IT IS SO MUCH MORE.

Recently I shared about a client on instagram and I would love to share that here on my blog too! I think it is so important that you know that each woman that steps in front of my camera is a real woman. She is unique. She has a story. She’s here for a reason. She feels a certain way about herself. She has lived through things that have shaped her. Sometimes it’s easy to just glance through the photos and call a woman beautiful or sexy and just go about your day. But I want you to know more. I want you to know that if you think that this is unattainable for you, there are woman who have felt the same way. You aren’t alone in any of it. Let’s do this thing together!

When I met J.R. at a conference last year and heard that she had wanted to do a boudoir shoot for so long, I was really hoping that my photos would speak to her and she would take the plunge. She explained that as much as she had wanted to do it in the past, the right recommendation for a photographer had never come along. Well guess what? I’m the lucky one that got to photograph this beauty! At her planning meeting she explained to me that people always call her cute, adorable, you know the things that make you feel small. And although this babe is petite, this woman is SO MUCH MORE. I made it my goal to photograph her in a way that those words never even came to mind. And wow! So freaking stunning!

Makeup by Nicole Toledo Makeup Artistry

Hair by Tina Marie Hairstyling

J.R. was one of the first clients to get to play on the classic set in the studio and I was blown away by the magic we created!

She also asked if she could bring a crown to her session, UHHH yeah. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this look but again…magic!

I meet women every day that just leave me in awe. I shoot women every week that are so deep and incredible. I think I’m finding it hard to put their stories and their beauty into words. But I want to at least try! So go check out the instagram reel! My hope is that cute is as far from your mind as possible and your jaw is on the floor. Did it happen?!

J.R. Thank you so much for letting me share a little piece of your story and so many of your beautiful photographs. I hope that in your vulnerability you grew even more confident in who you are. You deserve to see your effortless, mature, perfect beauty every day.