Green Lingerie – Denver Boudoir Photographer

I decided that I just have to show you a run down of certain colors that come through the boudoir studio. I think it is so fun to see them all lined up next to each other. They may all be the same color, but every piece of lingerie is so incredibly unique. First up on the list…GREEN!! (One of my two favorite colors…I’m sure we will get to the other one soon!)

Have you ever noticed that when you try to explain a particular shade of any color you end up naming something in nature. Spring is my favorite season and right now I’m watching green pop up everywhere and my heart is so happy! But really, think about it…lime, avocado, forest, olive, sage, mint, emerald. SO different, yet all green. So let’s get to some green lingerie photos already!

“She is a wild, tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within.” – John Mark Green

Not only is green one of my favorite colors, but look how INSANE it photographs in the Blush & Tease studio! The brick, the furniture, the dark walls…perfection!

I also love how green can totally POP or be perfectly subtle. Wow.

When a boudoir client shows up to the studio and unloads her bags of lingerie and wardrobe options, my eyes scan it for unique colors and textures. Don’t get me wrong, I could do a WHOLE session with all black lingerie! But there is something about color…it speaks, it tells a story, it makes her skin shine, her eyes sparkle. BRING IT ON!!

Would you wear green lingerie for your boudoir shoot?!

And I mean, let’s end this green lingerie blog with the best looking green out there (shameless plug, there are 4 outdoor spots left in 2022!!!)

Alright, now I have to know…what color should I blog next?!