RMNP Adventures – Outdoor Boudoir

RMNP Adventure Day? What does that even look like? We want to know more!

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the pleasure of spending time in. Being there makes my heart so happy and there is a wild peace that comes over me the second I drive through the gate.

To be honest, outdoor boudoir shoots have my heart in general. I think its because this control freak loses control and I really just have to let things happen naturally. That’s when I am able to capture my client’s untamed beauty.

A little plug for my team: MAKEUP BY HEATHER B. and hair by TINA MARIE HAIRSTYLING

“By replacing fear of the unknown with curiosity we open ourselves up to an infinite stream of possibility. We can let fear rule our lives or we can become childlike with curiosity, pushing our boundaries, leaping out of our comfort zones, and accepting what life puts before us.”

– Alan Watts

Last year when we went to Rocky Mountain National Park I made sure to get some behind the scene videos to show what it really looked and felt like while we were there. We enjoyed every minute of it…

Every ray of sunshine that hit our skin, every breeze that blew through our hair, every turn on the winding road, we just soaked it all in.

The reason we call it the Rocky Mountain Adventure Day is because it truly is full day experience. We meet at the Denver studio for hair and makeup. We organize outfits and make a plan, then head to Rocky Mountain National Park and shoot until the sun sets and we drive home in the dark. Literally an all. day. experience.

The pictures are 100% worth it. ↓ Can you tell?

But wait… two clients? Instead of a private session? Yes. Wild. I have the pleasure of introducing and photographing two strangers on an adventure day. As awkward as you may think that is, it actually ends up being the most beautiful thing. I love to watch these women cheering each other on and combating that anxiety that may come with being vulnerable in front of the camera and other people!

And obviously this is so different from our intimate studio sessions. Let me break it down for you.

Studio = intimate, controlled (That means I can really walk you through the nerves and capture you as the woman that you are deep down into your soul)

Outdoor Boudoir = we add some elements, take our time in nature (I really get to feature you with the earth as an accessory)

RMNP Adventure Day = hold on, you’re on a wild ride (Welcome to Adena’s creativity, the weather, the sun, and your unique beauty…it may be a whole day but it happens in a flash)

EEK! There is one more Rocky Mountain Adventure Day available in 2022! (Two client spots left!) Email me asap to snag your spot!

I would love for you to take a moment to watch what this day looked like. ↓ Let me know if you have any questions at all!

ALSO! Check out the instagram reels that show more behind the scenes!!