Bragging Rights with Hayley – Denver Boudoir Photographer

Bragging rights is one of the best parts of my job. Watching my clients’ eyes light up as they open their album and see their printed boudoir photos for the first time brings my heart so much joy! I love getting to share those moments with you on the YouTube channel! (If you haven’t checked it out, get over there and see what you’re missing)

From beginning to end, this process is such a journey for every single one of my clients. The Blush & Tease Experience pushes you, grows you, changes your perspective…it is just SO EMPOWERING! Watch as our very own hairstylist Hayley takes you through her collection for the first time. And listen to her explain the difference between her first boudoir session and her second. Gah, I just love this woman so much!

Hayley, thank you, not just for being such an incredible part of my team, but also trusting me behind the camera to capture your beautiful soul. You should be SOOO IMPRESSED with yourself! You are incredible!


Some of my favorite moments…

“I have so many women that come to me like ‘I’m going to have a baby, I have to capture my body now.’ So there’s that piece of hope that you’re going to want to do this again and you’re going to have…just as much appreciation for your body, more, the same?” “MORE. Absolutely more.”

“It is so cool to see each woman’s unique beauty, and I’m not even seeing them in their outfits!”

“It’s hard to describe what an amazing this process it is. It really feeds your soul and uplifts you.”

“It’s subtle but really important, the change that it makes in you.”

And we couldn’t end this Bragging Rights blog without seeing some her gorgeous photos! She talks about the fur thing she brought to this session and O.M.G…

I have photographed LOTS of fishnet outfits but NEVER in white! This was so much fun and I just LOVE how she’s glowing in this photo. Also…shout out to the amazing Nicole Toledo Makeup Artistry for nailing her perfect boudoir look!

Another note about outfits…this piece is one of my faves from Femme Fatale. If you haven’t been in to the Denver shop…DO IT!! She has the most unique and incredible pieces!

I just can’t get enough! And although we started her boudoir session in the studio, we finished outside and it was completely magical!