Carwash Play Day – Denver Boudoir

Ok, ok…we know winter is coming to Denver in a big hurry! But for now, can we hold onto this summer moment? This babe and I decided that we needed a play date with her van, her pup and my camera. So can you say, boudoir shoot at the carwash?! Putting the outfits together and planning the different ideas was SO MUCH FUN! What would you wear to the carwash?

I should start with a shoutout…make sure you go give Rustic Roaming (click here) a follow on instagram! I’m a total fangirl. I love watching her work on the van and bring it back to life. Not to mention she has the most adorable style!

And you can’t forget to throw some pup snuggles in the mix…Snoop always makes his appearance when we play with the van!

“I don’t buy fur coats or jewelry. I have old cars.” – Peta Wilson 

I wasn’t sure how the whole look would turn out by the end of the shoot at a carwash BUT this makeup was practically waterproof! It stayed solid the whole time, even with water and suds! Our very own Nicole Toledo (click here to check her out) was the genius behind the look, she is AMAZING!

We had such a blast bringing these ideas to life. We also had a few prying eyes but I mean, I can’t blame them. Moments like this stop you in your tracks!

We miss you summer! More carwash play days when you come back please!

Head over to my TikTok (click here) to see how we finished the shoot and some super fun behind the scenes shots!