When The Nerves Hit – Denver Boudoir

When you first book your boudoir session there are a lot of emotions that begin to set in. Excitement, empowerment, confidence, but another feeling also creeps in…NERVES. Call it the fear of the unknown, call it terrified to be naked in front of a camera, whatever you call it, there is a feeling that screams “NO WAY AM I DOING THIS!!”. All of these feelings are completely understandable!

But I am here to put the nerves to rest!

I had a client text me on the morning of her shoot, she said that she was so nervous she felt like she was going to puke…

I asked my group of amazing ladies in my private B&T group (CLICK HERE TO JOIN!) to give her some words of encouragement and this is what a few of them said:

Adena has an ease about her that makes you feel the way you want to feel about yourself. She helps you see yourself in a light you’ve never felt about yourself before. For me, I legitimately KNEW I’m a fox and that my husband is dang lucky. -R.C.

There are no words to describe how you will feel walking out once it’s over. No words. Just worth ALL the nerves! Let go, have fun, soak up every minute. You’ll be begging for more! -E.R.

Adena and her crew are so fun and comforting. From the time you walk in you will feel more at ease. Wait till you see that first shot and you will be obsessed. Plus a little special juice helps – C.D.

Adena is SO amazing! Put your trust in her. I was so nervous and thought I’d be super embarrassed in my outfits. After 1 outfit, I’m running around naked and really was having a blast! You will have SOOO much fun! Enjoy it! -T.G.

“How will I feel comfortable during my boudoir session?” & “What if I’m way too nervous to do this?”

These questions are so common and can also be answered by a few of the responses I got:

You are GORGEOUS! Stop nit picking at yourself! Your gut to do this, was for a reason! (These are things I told myself) Adena is a fantastic human, and amazing photography- she’s got you! Mantras: ‘i got this’ , ‘i stand in my badassness today’ – B.M.
Play dress up, adore yourself, and be playful with it! I’m still learning that it’s OK, and good for the soul to play!!! I was terrified, now I’ve done it twice because it was so fun and empowering the first time. Adena will find YOUR beauty, and you will see that ONLY you have that specific set of beautiful qualities!!! -A.M.
The Blush & Tease Experience is a roller coaster of emotions, nerves are just a small piece. Your session will completely change the way you see yourself! When you show up and trust the process the real you will shine through. That is what my camera will capture and then you’ll have the photos to adore, forever.