Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

It has been way too long since I shared a Friday favorite with you! It is so much fun to ask my boudoir clients to look through their photos and tell me which one is their favorite and why! I can not wait to share this gorgeous session with you! First of all, hear a little bit from my client.

“This photo shoot was a gift to my husband for his birthday. I did not look at it as anything more than that. What an incredible gift it has turned out to be for me! I am proud of my body now!! My husband’s reaction to the pictures was amazing but his words were priceless –

‘Now you can see what I see everyday’.

No truer words were ever spoken, I do see it thanks to this incredible experience.” -C.B.

Oh my GOODNESS! When I read her feedback about her session, my heart exploded with joy! THIS is what the Blush & Tease Experience is all about…seeing yourself through the eyes of the people who love you!

Now, let’s check out her favorite shot from her boudoir session!

“My favorite picture is the picture of the side view with my arms up and reflection in the mirror.  I love how strong and confident I look!!” C.B.

I had to show you the color and the black and white version of this photo because WOWWW, how would you even pick?

C.B. brought so many fun things to play with to her session. Gloves, pearls, fur, and her outfits were just absolutely stunning.

“The very best and most surprising part of my photo shoot and working with Adena was the feeling I had while there and long after I left. This was one of the bravest things I have ever done. Adena helped me conquer my fear and self-doubts. The feeling of ‘I did that’ and had amazing results, warms my heart!! I’ve had so many friends tell me they could never do that. I have encouraged everyone, YES YOU CAN!! It is an INCREDIBLE experience!” C.B.

Just look at that smile! It says it all!
Bodysuits are some of my favorite pieces in the boudoir studio and C.B. brought 2 that were completely unique. We had to shoot both! Which one would you pick?
I asked her how she felt when she first saw her photos and she said, “I was blown away! I’ve never seen myself look so beautiful, confident and brave. I have always been the one that says “I don’t photograph well”. I don’t say that anymore!” C.B.
And I have to share my favorite from her session…simply beautiful.
C.B. Thank you so much for trusting me with your boudoir session! I knew from the moment you walked into the studio that we were going to create something so special. I’m so glad that you can finally see what your husband sees! You deserve to feel this beautiful every single day! Thank you for allowing me to share your photos and your experience with the blog. You are the BEST!! Come and see me again soon!