Privacy with Blush & Tease – Denver Boudoir Photographer

We are all about making you 100% comfortable at Blush & Tease. From your original meeting for years to come, we always have your privacy in mind! Do you want to have your photos available to share so that we can reach other women who may be thinking of indulging in this experience or would you like to have your photos completely private for your eyes (or whomever else you want to share them with) only? There is no wrong answer. Either way, we’ve got you!

We have many options available, from anonymous, no-face-body-shots, to full, lingerie or nude, releases that allow us to showcase your incredible photos and your beautiful makeup and hair to our amazing community of gals (while also giving our beauty team some love and recognition)! These options and everything in between, all your choice! And of course, there is the option of having your boudoir experience be completely private and just for you!

When you come in for your planning meeting we will go through everything and you don’t even need to make an immediate decision. Want to wait until you see your pictures? Totally fine! Know you’ll for sure want them to be shareable? Fantastic! Not sure? Wonderful! We get it, girl. And we’ve got you. So no pressure and no worries – Whatever you want, we’re right there with you.

We just want this experience to be a life-changing, confidence-building, self-loving moment that you’ll never forget. So don’t stress about what or where your boudoir pictures will be, because that is 100% your call. We’ll just be there gushing over you and cheering you on!

xo Adena