Simply Done Couture – Handmade Lingerie Body Jewelry

What happens with Adena gets to play with handmade body jewelry in the boudoir studio?!

I am so excited to share this incredible collaboration I had with the fabulous Robin over at Simply Done Couture. I have always loved incorporating beautiful pieces of jewelry into my photography to really make a strong and sexy statement to the already gorgeous features my clients have. But when Robin showed me her collection I was speechless. Seriously, these chains and jewels are ART!

Robin’s pieces scream depth and desire. Each of her artworks are uniquely handmade with purpose. They hug each curve perfectly and emphasize all of the sexiest ass-ests.. Get it? 😉

She has pieces for all body types and sizes – Adding depth and texture to the already stunning artwork that is your body!

As you can tell, color or b&w…it doesn’t matter. These pieces add a voice to any outfit (or nothing at all)!

I wanted to dig deeper into the why behind Simply Done Couture so I interviewed her and got some fabulous answers! Read below!


What made you want to work with Adena?
When I first saw Blush & Tease images I was immediately drawn to the energy and emotion captured! The fact that Adena focuses on empowering other women and celebrating self-love sealed the deal in making me want to work with her!

How do you explain Simply Done Couture?

Simply Done Couture is an intimate brand focused on creating unique lingerie-esque body jewelry and accessories for all with the hope that each piece will invoke feelings of self-love, strength, and comfort

What inspires you to create?

I draw inspiration from the beauty of nature, combining it with vintage pinup cultures, resulting in timeless one-of-a-kind pieces

Where can I find your pieces?

My website is currently under construction, however, most available pieces can be viewed on my Instagram page.

Do you take custom orders?
Yes! I absolutely love working one-on-one with clients to design their dream piece! Inquiries are welcome through my email
Booking a Blush and Tease Boudoir experience in our Denver studio? Wanting a Simple Done Couture piece for your shoot? Contact Robin over at for custom or available pieces! Ladies, she’s amazing! As you can tell by these gorgeous photos, these pieces make a statement in boudoir shots!
“Athena’s Armor”
“Athena’s Armor”
I’m just in LOVE. Bravo Robin! Thank you for sharing your art and letting me play!