Growth – Denver Boudoir

I met this beauty in 2016… Want to watch us grow together?

My old studio still has a little piece of my heart. And when I met A.H. there, she fit right in! She trusted me 1000% and her boudoir photos were absolutely breathtaking!


Then in 2018 I rented an Airbnb with a glass shower and offered a water day to my past clients. SO. MUCH. FUN!! My photography dreams came true in this bathroom! Also…2 shoots in a row A.H. rocked her straight hair!! STUNNING!

Steamy babe.

She who dares.

It’s 2019 and NOW it’s time to get this beauty OUTSIDE. Outdoor boudoir is so unique and it speaks straight to the hearts of the women that need it. This session was no different. I remember when A.H. chose her album cover I almost cried. “Onward & Upward”. I’m so freaking proud of this woman.

The dimension in her clothing is breathtaking.

The lighting and water ripples… *drool*

That jewelry piece… Wow.

And then in 2021, we meet again. I am going to dare to say we are both different women after what the past couple of years has put us through. Her stories are hers to tell, but I will tell you this. I have never seen such strength, beauty, growth, and resilience as I have seen in her. I feel so honored that I get to play a little piece in her story.

When she was ready to book her next session I knew it had to be in the new studio. I had fallen in love with my new space and I wanted to invite her in. It’s like it was made for her! I loved every second of creating art with this beauty.

It’s almost like she is melting into the floor..

Also…I am in tattoo heaven. Each one has so much meaning that I wanted to give them their own session!

A.H. Thank you for letting me share your photos! You know that you are one of my biggest cheerleaders, but what you may not know is that you are also one of my biggest inspirations. Thank you for showing up as the real you. You are leading by example and the world needs it. Love you friend.