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Welcome to ‘Tell Her Story’, I’m so happy you are here. I spend so much time with my clients, I get to know them and I just fall in love with their hearts and their stories. They show up for life through the hard and the amazing. And I want to share these ladies with you!

The first person that I knew I had to introduce you to is Mrs. Alexandria Reed. YOU NEED HER IN YOUR LIFE! So sit back and enjoy our time together.

Treat this conversation like a podcast!!

(Which by the way, Alex is a total pro in that world, so make sure you check out her podcast! All of the links are at the end of this blog!). Listen in as you drive or walk or work and just be a part of our moments together.

Ok, if you’re still reading and you haven’t already hit play… let me explain something. One of the main goals of my video series is to get you in the studio. I want you to be a part of this community, even if you aren’t ready to commit to a boudoir session just yet. Alex and I invite you in to life, story telling, her Blush & Tease experience and some really big news for her! I can’t wait for you to be a part of it!

Ok…if you still haven’t hit play, carve out 30 minutes of your day and come back to listen when you’re ready!


Mrs. Alexandria Reed’s Podcast

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Boudoir Shoot Dream Team – Makeup by Heather B. & Hayley Styles

If you missed the video, you can catch some little pieces of our conversation below…


“My business is very photo-oriented, obviously, but nobody gets to know the women that are in the photos and they should! Every woman that comes through here has a story and it’s beautiful. And I’m like, look at this pretty photo of her. Which is beautiful, but, there’s so much more.” – Adena

“I am a Denver-based realtor, podcast and now conference creator, I am a Mom of two little CEOs in training, and I am the wife of Brandon who puts up with so much and my crazy ambition. I love connecting with people through stories because I don’t believe we exist for ourselves but to ultimately change somebody else’s life so I love that and that is me.” – Alexandria

“Storytelling and connection go hand in hand as I believe that’s how we connect as humanity is through storytelling so it could be as simple as how your grandfather liked his coffee super strong like that story could connect with someone and now they’re connected to you and then that leaves a door to open for more connections. I feel like that’s where the importance lies is hearing someone’s story so that you can connect with them.” – Alexandria



Listen as Adena and Alexandria tell their stories based on these keywords:




(“The amount of effort we will make to keep a promise to someone we love, does that match the amount of effort we make to keep a promise to ourselves?” – Adena)

Let It Matter



“Adena made me feel so empowered to do this that I booked it right after our meeting.”

“You are welcomed with so much love, positivity, and light.”

“As you (flip) through I see this transformation of who I was, through these pictures.”

“The Blush & Tease experience for me was so much more than just these pretty pictures. It did a lot of internal work for me that I needed to do.”

“Something so simple I know, photography. That changed your life?! Yeah it did!”

“The shoot just really made my love myself and want to take care of myself…to make sure I could always show up as a confident, beautiful, healthy, strong, fearless woman that I know that I am. But those pictures remind me, that’s who I am.” – Alexandria

And let’s finish this blog up with a link to a little before & after reel on insta!