Powerful Maternity Boudoir – Denver Photographer

I recently had a client book a maternity boudoir session and she COMPLETELY blew my mind! I think that maternity boudoir has a reputation for being very sweet & soft, giving that belly love in some lacy lingerie. But when I chatted with S.C. about her vision for her session that went right out the window. She wanted to show that side of motherhood that is powerful and strong! She wanted to feel like a fertility GODDESS and let me tell you…this session ended up changing my view on maternity boudoir FOREVER. 

Makeup by Heather B.

Maternity boudoir reminds you of how beautiful you are.

First of all, who would think that you could feel so beautiful when you’re so pregnant? But when you trust me and my team you leave the studio feeling empowered and absolutely stunning! Wardrobe is so important for these sessions and I help pick the perfect outfits to show off your body and make you feel comfortable. I love to shoot beautiful lingerie pieces on mommas. We usually find some things that she already has in her closet that work perfectly. And then of course, there are the nudes!! I encourage all of my maternity clients to do implied or full nudes to really capture the beauty and strength of pregnancy.

Maternity boudoir reminds you of how strong you are.

“Everything has changed, and yet, I’m more me than I have ever been.” -Iain Thomas

There is something about motherhood and our bodies that needs to be recognized. Yes, there is a nurturing feminine side to women who choose to be moms but there is also a strength that can not be described in words. To grow and carry a human around for 9 months is already astounding. And then to go on and care for that human and raise it to be an amazing adult…what?! It sounds like an impossible chore and women show up for it every single day. So why would your maternity boudoir session not feel just like that?!

Maternity boudoir empowers you in the exact way that you need.

I recently had a maternity client fresh out of the makeup chair say, “Every woman should do this when they are 8 months pregnant!”. I think that when you take a minute to just pamper yourself and appreciate the hard work you are doing, it feels so incredibly empowering! And then you get to have the Blush & Tease Experience that is so full of self love! AND THEN you top it off with breathtaking photos to cherish forever! Such an incredible moment for these mommas!