What do I wear to my boudoir session?

One of the questions I get asked most often about boudoir shoots is “What do I wear?!” which is totally understandable! It isn’t everyday that you pose in front of a camera in next to nothing. And although I wish I had an easy answer for you, I don’t. Every woman is so unique and what we do at the Blush & Tease studio is not a cookie-cutter experience at all. So every client comes in with a different pile of outfits that just speaks to her and shows her off!

We shoot a lot of lingerie in the boudoir studio BUT there are so many pieces that are NOT lingerie and that is when you personality really gets to shine! It never looks exactly the same BUT…

I can show you some of my favorite things to see come through the studio!

And when it’s your turn for your boudoir session, we will have a detailed planning meeting at the studio. There I will ask you specific questions to find your version of sexy, beautiful, and empowered which will help me help you find the right outfits to create your perfect session! How will you show off who you are?!


Maybe you are a babe who loves hikes or camping or just freaking loves FLANNEL!! Pair with some cute cheeky panties, some socks, or hiking boots…WINNER!

How gorgeously does this red flannel complement her skin?!

Red… So much red. Fiery, fierce, and so HER.



If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE JEAN JACKETS! They look great with white panties and nothin’ else. You can also rock the denim as jeans or cut-offs and let the jaws hit the floor.

Dark hair, white lingerie, and a denim jacket make this babe just SHINE.

All of these colors together are striking. Then there’s the moody stretch.. ?

Can you tell I am obsessed with the white/denim combo?! And her accentuated blue eyes to tie it all together? WOW.


Sweaters can be cute and cozy, or they can really turn the temp up in the boudoir studio.

boudoir with sweater and smile

She wasn’t sure about this sweater when she brought it in but it ended up being her favorite piece. Don’t underestimate your choices! She still looks drop dead gorgeous even if she’s cozy! (Let’s be honest…cozy is sexy, too ?)

Sweaters add a splash of texture, color, and warmness (no pun intended) and really bring out the you in your photos. Don’t shy away from outfits just because you think they won’t fit the sexy norm.

I mean, how steamy is this photo?! And her nails match her sweater?! Gorg.


Really just think of a piece of fabric that can drape or hang or hug. Any pattern, color, or texture works for this piece so you can let your personality (and curves) shine through!

This scarf brings another element of color, light, and pattern to these photos. The light peeking through and the draping layers seriously bring such a unique vibe!

Can we safely say that tassles are HOT?!


Bossy babe feels all the way! Blazers bring a sense of professionalism and power to your pictures and man do they make a statement!

These colors are ?

These layers of colors and the buttons are amazing, they perfectly embody this boss babe’s personality.

This list is just THE BEGINNING of ideas that I have for my clients! We didn’t even get into leather & fishnets & LINGERIE! I can’t wait to sit and chat with you to find the perfect outfits for your boudoir session! Which one is your favorite in this lineup?