Share Her Story – Heather B.

So many of you joined us live in our FB group today to hear Heather Baker open up and share her beautiful story. If you missed it, head over to Facebook, search for our private group, “Blush & Tease Beauties” and request to join!

I wanted to put all of the info that we talked about in one place so you had easy access to it.

In the midst of her pain, Heather realized that her calling is sharing Blakely’s story. You can read her blog HERE.

Also, go give her instagram some love and follow along as she navigates life raising a toddler, missing her sweet girl and growing a little boy.

Walk With Me is an amazing organization, I have watched them walk right along side of Heather from the moment that she found out she wouldn’t bring her sweet baby home from the hospital. Even now, they are doing life with her and supporting her. Check out their website and social media to learn more and learn how you can help.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Blush & Tease blog without some beautiful photos! In the FB live Heather and I dive into how boudoir photos can actually play a part in this. Go watch!!

Heather has done FIVE shoots with me, I pretty much beg her to get in front of my camera all of the time. The first was when they started to try to get pregnant. The next was her first maternity shoot, which was actually clothed so I don’t really count that one haha!

The third was 3 months after her giving birth to her first daughter. I was working on some new skills in my studio and I asked her to model for me. She laughed because there was NO WAY she was doing a boudoir shoot right after having a baby! But she loves me and #adenamademedoit so she modeled for me and ended up LOVING her photos. Although Heather had worked with me for years, that moment was the first time she felt why I do what I do. She said, “For the first time I had a sense of pride in my body. I had wanted to capture my body pre-baby because I thought that was something to be prized and now I’m like, SCREW THAT! In these pictures I had carried life and delivered this beautiful baby girl.

The next session was her maternity boudoir session with Blakely. It was such a unique beautiful day at a cottage that we had rented for a boudoir event.  Heather wasn’t really feeling up to doing photos, she was feeling “huge and gross“. Now she says “Those pictures are such a gift, Blakely was still alive at that time and Adena just captured the beauty of being pregnant.” Look at that momma holding her baby girl.

And here is Heather’s most recent session with me. Yeah, they may leave your jaw on the ground because WOAH! But again, go watch the live and hear her story and why these photos mean so much to her.

This shoot was so good for me. I was super mad at my body…I had alot of shame around my body and didn’t feel sexy. Doing this shoot was life changing for me because Adena took something for me that felt hard and ugly. She helped me see that my body is doing exactly what I need it to do and its BEAUTIFUL.” Heather says that when she looks at those photos she thinks, “My body is amazing and she has been through some crazy storms but she has fought back! I’m tough, I’m brave, and I’m embracing those extra stretch marks. I’m embracing how it doesn’t look the same…I can have confidence in knowing that my body is beautiful.

I walked away from that shoot feeling like a million dollars and feeling like THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO! I’m not passionate about lipstick and blush, I’m passionate about making women feel beautiful, just like I know Adena is the same.

I hope you’ll join the Facebook group and listen to her story! xo Adena