Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

Oh, this lady had me at hello! I just can’t get enough of her humor, her sass and her deeply loving heart. I remember the day we chatted on the phone, I just knew she was one of my people. I couldn’t wait to get her in the studio and show her how uniquely beautiful she was!

But I’ll let her take it from here, because that’s what Friday faves are all about…

I’ve been wanting to do a shoot like this for YEARS! Finally pulling the trigger after researching a billion photographers and finding Adena was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a looooong time! Any hesitation I had completely dissipated after one phone call!

Adena made me feel so damn special! The whole process I felt like the center of attention, which I love:) I was able to completely be myself around her, craziness and all! During the shoot itself, I’ve never felt sexier! I was practically jumping with excitement when I walked in the door that morning. The confidence high I rode the rest of that day made me want to book another shoot, and another, and just keep doing it over and over! Adena made sure I was comfortable in the studio and even showed me sneak peaks at pics as we were shooting which just made me want to keep being photographed forever! Adena listened to my ideas and my vision for the overall feel of the shoot and she used my vision along with her expertise to create something truly magical.

This experience has made me love myself all over again! I did the shoot when I’m at my heaviest….by a long shot…and I’m so glad I did! I have a new found obsession with my curves and how happy I am in my body just as it is! Gone is the skinny girl with a fake smile that doesn’t reach her eyes. Make way for the curvy, confident, badass woman with the genuine smile that exudes sexiness!! Adena perfectly captured that feeling in her art.” T.L.

My goodness, typing this out for the blog has me all teary eyed! I’m so grateful for clients who will share about their experience from the other side of the camera! I’m going to mix this Friday favorite up and show you some of MY favorites from her shoot first!

Sidenote: Yes, I shoot nudes (which was one of T.L.’s questions when we first chatted). And yes! I LOVE when a client is brave enough to do them! I just don’t see the need to post them online. BUT, come and see me at the studio and I’ll show you some ideas for nudes and I promise you’ll be less scared.

Sidenote 2: Most of T.L.’s shoot was nude hahaha! And we both LOVE those photos so much! But here are our favorites that are appropriate for the website…

(Makeup: Nicole Toledo Makeup Artistry / Hair: Tina Marie Hairstyling)

See why I’m obsessed?! Ok let me let T.L. tell you HER favorites and why…

I can’t even with the lighting in this photo!!  The way Adena set up this shot….from the placement in the window frame, to instructing me how to move my arms down the curtains (that woman is good at giving directions!), to the way Adena BEAUTIFULLY captured my curves, all put together equals this fantastic shot!!

This shot…..this SHOT!!!  I used to be a LOT skinnier, I’m talking 50lbs skinnier!  Embracing my curves has been a challenge for me.  The body in this photo….that there is a sexy woman!  Not only did Adena make me feel sexy in all my curvy glory, but she proved it in her art.  I can’t argue with the proof.  I am a stunning, gorgeous, sexy woman!  Thank you, Adena for solidifying that FACT into my brain!!”

And lastly…”My vision for the shoot was a progression of more tame outfits/looks to these. Being able to chat with Adena while I chose my outfits and her being so open to letting me bring my own props (giggidy) made it so I felt completely comfortable basically running around her studio naked.  Ok let’s be real, I was jumping and dancing around with sheer joy by the time we got to these shots!!  My inner goddess really shined through in these photos.” 

If anyone is contemplating doing this, stop thinking about it and book your session. Trust me!!” T.L.

Need I say more?



Just kidding, I do need to say one thing and I want you to hear me. If you think for one second that you don’t deserve this experience, that it is not for you, that you need to lose the 50 lbs, that you don’t fit the mold, that you won’t feel comfortable, that you can’t do it, that you aren’t special enough, or pretty enough, or whatever enough. Please go back and read this all again. K, thanks.