Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

It has been a while since I’ve had the time to share a client favorite with the blog so let’s just get right to it!

I asked S.B. if she had any hesitations about booking her session with me…

YES! Think the word terrified came to mind. And crazy. I am 55 years old. Was telling myself a lot of stories about why not to: too old; too expensive; too self-indulgent.” I bet she’s glad she didn’t listen to those voices because WOAH she looks phenomenal! When I asked her what she thought about her photos… “They took my breath away. I could not and sometimes still don’t believe it’s really me. So much to be thankful for!

One of my favorite things about S.B.’s session was involving her husband at the reveal meeting. Although she hid most of it from him, when it was time for the surprise, he was so insanely proud of her and intrigued about the whole experience. “It was a very cool experience to surprise and share the photos with my husband. He was so surprised and asked detailed questions about the shoot (he’s a fine art undergrad), how it was planned, what the studio was like, what inspired me to do it, what was Adena like and was impressed I had the ‘guts’ to do something like this. When I told him I can’t believe how good I looked, he said that’s how he always sees me. He didn’t understand why I was so hard on myself.” I think if you keep scrolling to these favorites, you’ll agree with hubby. I love the perspective shift that comes with a Blush & Tease Experience!

Ok! On to her favorite photos!

I like this one because of the lighting, the shapes, and the curves. Curves in the hat, curves in my back, curves in my butt.  It’s a beautifully artistic image that I had enlarged as a black and white 16×24 glass print. You can subtly see my scars from femur break – and they look beautiful which I don’t normally ever think of them that way.

(I had to include the b&w version too because…well.)

SO amazingly represents STRONG – one of my three words: sexy, strong and flirty. I normally HATE my stomach but it looks so great in this photo!

I can’t believe that’s really me!

This one is my sex pot shot – black and white. Love the lighting and the lines. So artistic and sexy.

And the final favorite… “This is the one my girlfriends like!” Its always so fun to know your friends’ faves too!

S.B. Thank you for letting me share your photos and your words on the blog! You were so incredible to work with and have in front of my camera. I hope you forever see yourself in this new light. Now let’s do it again…outside!

xo Adena