The Blush & Tease Album – Boudoir Products

The Blush & Tease albums are THE product that brings you back to your experience, reminds you of your beauty, and preserves your photos forever. I’m so excited to introduce these beauties to you!

I have samples in the studio that I can’t wait to show you, but for now, let me explain why I love them so much!


Oh. My. Goodness. When I found this album company, I could not get over the quality. Every album is handmade and every album is unique. The pages are made with the most beautiful photographic paper. Seeing your photos in print is a completely different experience so quality is top priority! I could go on and on about the quality characteristics that make my photographer heart so happy, but feel like you have to see it to believe it. So come, see me and touch these pretty things!


The Blush & Tease albums really reflect my client as a woman and her experience. You can see the moments during the shoot that went from serious to hilarious in an instant. You can imagine her moving around the room, feeling like a total superstar. That confidence from her experience is printed onto the spreads of these albums and she can return to it again and again.


If I had to pick a favorite piece of the Blush & Tease album, I would have to say the cover.  The photos inside and the quality of the spreads make the album what it is, of course. BUT most of my clients see their albums closed more often then they see them open. My goal is that when they catch a glimpse of it, they get the same feeling as when they open it. A little boost in their step, butterfly in their stomach, they walk taller. So how do we do that? I have so many beautiful cover options. Different leathers, colors, textures, one will speak directly to you. And every single Blush & Tease album is customized on the front. This is the title of your story. This is your experience put into words. Sometimes it’s a message to a loved one, but most of the time its a message to you. A reminder that even on an ordinary day, the beautiful woman in that book is still you.