Unique Boudoir Session – Oxotic Denver

I have been wanting to blog this session for WAY TOO LONG, so today I’m making it happen!

When Miss LJ came to me for her second session, she had a crazy idea and it turned into something MAGICAL. If you know my heart for boudoir, you probably wouldn’t expect me to take photos of a client on cars (completely stunning, one of a kind, exotic cars to be exact). Wouldn’t that put me right in that category that I DON’T want to be in? I have had people say that I ‘objectify’ women. That comment used to bother me. But now I’ve heard so many of my boudoir clients tell me that they feel so empowered after their session! And I have seen that confidence ripple into their lives, relationships, friendships, work environment, sex life. I will no longer believe the lie that what I do is demeaning to women.

SO. When LJ said, let’s shoot on some cars, I hesitated. And then she told me why. She LOVES cars, like they bring her to life. And let me tell you, she was on FIRE at session #2 and I know it was because of her props.

This shoot was so much fun to plan! We worked with Eric at Oxotic in Golden and he was amazing! If you’re ever looking for a day full of thrill, check out his website! His cars are top of the line and you get to DRIVE THEM up into the Colorado mountains!

On our way to Golden the clouds went crazy. I was so worried we were going to have to change our plans. There was no way I was going to ask Eric to pull these cars out in the rain and possible hail. BUT after arriving, going through outfits and choosing the cars of LJ’s dreams, the sun broke out and it was EPIC.

(Makeup by Heather B.)

And how about some details shots?

I’m pretty sure this outfit was my favorite. Super casual, yet not at all on that machine! PLUS that sunset!

At the end of the session we decided it was a MUST that we shoot with her car! This is what I mean about coming to life! I just absolutely adore her!

LJ, Thank you so much for pushing my creativity and allowing me to capture your love for boudoir and cars at the same time! You are so stunning and I love every single second we get to work together! Until next time 😉

xo Adena