Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photography

I’m finally finding some time to blog a Friday favorite and OH MAN is it a good one! One of the things I love about working with so many women at their boudoir sessions is finding what THEY are looking for. I have clients who would do anything to have this body…or that body…but really, when you get to see what YOU have, it is EXACTLY what you needed/wanted all along.

“This one is one of my absolute favorites (so hard to choose just one) because I’ve NEVER felt like I’ve had a womanly figure. I have a very slim frame and have always wished I had a more curvy body. After seeing this pic, I finally saw what I always wish I had! And the best part is that I DO HAVE IT!! Adena is so talented in how she is able to capture each woman’s beautiful uniqueness and make a woman feel so sexy no matter what body type you have. Truly such an empowering experience.” H.M.

Makeup: Makeup by Heather B.

boudoir photography

And before we are done here…I have to share some of my favorite moments from this session!

So many times you see ONE photo from a set up, but there is something magical about seeing just a slight shift in perspective or the moment we cracked up. I absolutely love how this whole shoot played out!