Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

It has been a while but I’M BACK!! In the time since my last blog there have been some BIG changes in the Blush & Tease world! I have a new studio and I can’t wait to show it to you! Keep your eye out for the next blog all about the new space AND a little party I’m throwing that YOU are invited to!
For now…lets do a Friday favorite that just absolutely stole my heart!
“All of the pictures came out amazing but one in particular absolutely took my breath away when I saw it for the first time on Adena’s computer screen. Sitting at my reveal meeting with a glass of wine in my hand and my husband by my side, I was prepared to critique myself while we picked out our favorite photos. I rarely wear shorts (because I feel like my legs and knees look funny) and here I am stripping down in front of this bubbly woman and her camera. Fast forward to a few pictures in and this photo left me speechless. Who was this lady? It was not a face I recognized at all (definitely in a good way). I am the type of girl that cannot take a good picture and I have the weirdest fake selfie smile. Going into this experience with Adena, I wasn’t sure how the pictures would turn out and I worried I wouldn’t like any of them. On the day of the shoot I was all nerves and giggles and yet somehow she captured this! One of my main focus words during this experience was “fierce” and by golly, Adena captured that all in this one photo. This photo makes me feel powerful and beautiful in a way I have never felt before about myself. We have a small glass print of it and proudly display it on my husband’s dresser and I love seeing it every day. It is a wonderful reminder of all the feels we had during the reveal meeting and that I am more confident than I ever believed. Thank you so much for this experience Adena – it meant the world to me!” K.D.
denver boudoir
Does the word FIERCE come to mind? WOW! This beauty has something in her that she had never seen before! Let me share more from her side of the camera…
“Adena has this aura about her that just makes you feel perfectly at ease. As soon as I met her, all of my worries went right out the window. Of course I was still terrified of the entire concept of boudoir but I knew if anyone was going to take risque pictures of me, it had to be her! Also her attention to detail is seriously on point! Everything from the planning to the shoot day to the reveal and product decisions…she was literally on top of it! The way she organized my book blew my mind – it literally told a story and was everything beyond my wildest dreams and I just know my husband is going to LOVE it!”
denver boudoir
“This experience has taught me how to love myself. I originally went into it as a gift for my husband and it was such a greater gift to myself. I aspire to be like the girl I saw in those pictures and I absolutely believe that confidence is attainable now!”
denver boudoir
“I am pretty sure my jaw literally hit the floor when I saw my photos for the first time. I could not believe the girl in the photo was me. I am the type of girl that cannot get a good selfie because my smile looks fake AF. The girl I saw in these photos…she was confident, sincere, and fierce!”
colorado boudoir photographer
K.D. Thank you so much for sharing this experience from your side! You have no idea how much it means to me to know the hesitations, the excitement, the awe, all of the emotions. You are such an incredible woman and I’m honored that I was able to show you another side of yourself that you should be ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH!