Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photography

Its FRIDAY! Friday is my favorite day to blog because I get to share words from my boudoir beauties!

Here is E.K.’s fave and her ‘why?’…

“While it doesn’t show my body as much as some of the others (which I also love), it has an edge that I’m kind of obsessed with. I mentioned that ‘sexy’ is not usually a term I would use to describe myself. ‘Edgy’ is a term I would NEVER use to describe myself. I love how the photo coaxes out my inner edgy goddess with fabulous hair and piercing blue eyes. It reminds me that there are multiple sides to my brand of sexy.” E.K.

boudoir leather jacket

This is something I’ve been hearing over and over from my boudoir clients lately! They define themselves in one way and then after seeing their photographs, their eyes are opened to a new version of themselves. It is still HER, just deeper, usually surprising, always incredible.

So let me challenge you as you read this…remember you are not one dimensional. You are deep, so so deep. Allow yourself to explore the possibility that you have something in you that you’ve always wanted. Its just a matter of finding it, trusting it, and letting it out!

I had to post a few more from E.K.’s session because, I swear, every time she was on that wall, she was on FIRE.

boudoir studio with brick wall

boudoir photography on brick wall

denver boudoir photograph on brick wall

A few more words from the beautiful E.K.:

Did you have any hesitations about booking your boudoir session?

“100%! The situation was a level of vulnerable that I’ve never willingly put myself in…but we got on like fast friends, which made me not only comfortable, but just have SO MUCH FUN throughout the entire process.”

Has this experience changed how you feel about yourself?

“100%! (I wish I could put that in all caps)”

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your Blush & Tease Experience?


AHHHH! So hesitations are COMPLETELY normal! You don’t have to be “ready” or “confident”! The Blush & Tease Experience is full of self love and self discovery. Its a chance to see deeper into the woman who you are. Ready to chat about the process? I’ll calm your nerves and answer all of your questions…promise!