Matted Print Collection Box – Boudoir Products

In 2019 the Blush & Tease products got a complete makeover! Towards the end of last year I decided to really consider how to make the boudoir experience even more top notch for my clients and my heart kept saying…MAKE IT LAST! As much as I love how my boudoir sessions have evolved into such amazing self love experiences, I felt like my clients were going home with subpar products. Sure, they were pretty and showed off their photos beautifully, but something was lacking.

Well, after tons of research, sample ordering, and falling in LOVE, I don’t feel that way anymore! I’m so excited to introduce the new Blush & Tease products! I’ll roll them out one at a time in the next few weeks, but lets start with the Matted Print Collection Box!

First of all, what is a matted print?

The Blush & Tease matted prints are museum quality photos, fully finished and sealed as an archival piece in a white mat. They can be a stand-alone piece of art, they can be easily framed, or they can be placed as a keepsake in a collection box.

The next question has to be, why matted prints?

There are SO MANY REASONS! How many of you have standard prints that have gotten bent, warped, torn, (should I go on)? Mats aren’t just pretty, they provide protection and stability to your prints. When you handle your prints, you are no longer touching the photograph, the mat acts as an envelope to protect your print from oil and dirt (aka your nasty fingers, haha)! If you ARE framing your matted print, the mat keeps the print from touching the glass, which is VERY important in preserving the life of your photograph. And then there is the “Its just so dang pretty!” factor! The mat helps the photograph be the center of attention, separating the photo from whatever is surrounding it. Obviously, I really, really want you to be the center of attention!

After I decided to offer matted prints, my next mission was to find a box that is perfect to store them in. I wanted something beautiful, custom, protective, and timeless. That’s when I found the Matted Print Collection Box! It is handcrafted using a premium black linen. It can hold 6-30 of your favorite matted boudoir photos. And my favorite part, we customize the front of the box with a gold, silver or rose gold foil design. It is so important to me that when you hold your box, it is yours. This custom design should speak to your heart and remind you of your beauty.

Now do you see why I am in love?! I can’t wait to show you more of the 2019 Blush & Tease Collection!