Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

Its Friday!! And I’m so excited to share another Friday Favorite from one of my recent boudoir clients. Every single one of my ladies holds a special spot in my heart and its always so much fun to see their favorite photograph and hear why!

“Thank you so much Adena! This experience has taught me a lot about myself. All my life I have had a wall up to try and protect myself from getting hurt. I have been the one to laugh or get really angry when really I wanted to cry. I feel like this picture shows my softer side. It shows a different kind of strength. This picture speaks to me on a different, more personal level. It makes me see the women I am inside instead of who I pretend to be on the outside.” -L.W.

There are some clients that just belong in a certain place in my studio. This gorgeous lady ROCKED the window! I have to share a few more because, seriously, I’m obsessed.

L.W., Thank you for opening up to me, trusting me, daring the bodysuit. I LOVED watching your view of yourself transform! And seriously, you should get best wife award for the way you put it all together! I ADORE YOU!

xo Adena