Friday Favorites – Denver Boudoir Photographer

“I want to do this for myself. I think your photos are so beautiful. I’ve never felt comfortable in my skin or in photos but your work makes me think I could change that.” 

When an Instagram message starts like this, its obvious another dream client has found me! A few weeks later I met B.L. for our planning consultation. Over a glass of wine, we dove into her hopes and fears for her boudoir experience and I learned so much about who she is as a woman. She decided on the words romantic, timeless and strong. And although she’s not the lingerie type, I encouraged her to try a few specific styles and just see where it takes her.

She did some shopping, came up with a killer playlist (Titled: WTF am I doing?) LOL, and showed up with a handful of nerves and trust. There was something so freeing about her session, like she decided that things were changing.

Let me tell you friends, the beautiful women you see on my website and Instagram are REAL WOMEN. They have fears, doubts, things they don’t love about their body. But they also have a desire to love themselves more and doubt themselves less. They want to believe that their perception of themselves can change. And that’s where the Blush & Tease Experience comes in. Its not just a photoshoot! I know I say it so often and I will continue to, without apology, because most of the time you don’t hear it. Until you do. Then its your turn.

(Makeup: Makeup by Heather B.)

“These are my absolute favorite images. I know you said pick one, but that’s like asking me to choose my favorite cereal or my favorite of my dogs. I couldn’t because I love them for different reasons. 

This is the one I saw that nearly brought me to tears. It took me a moment to accept that it is, in fact, me. I am that woman who looks like a French vintage noir photo. It’s stunning. And she’s me. I’ve never felt so beautiful in a photo as I do this one.”
“The second photo captures me as most people know me, as I know myself. Comfortable and with a shy smile. This photo is how I felt: happy.”


“The last one has one word: damn. The light and the shadows are breathtaking. I love this photo because it draws you to my lips first and THEN you notice, oh yeah, she’s wearing some sexy little lace thing too. It’s amazing what the camera draws the eyes to immediately…”

And because I just can’t get enough of this beauty’s side of the story…

What was your favorite part of the Blush & Tease Experience? 

“Stepping out of my comfort zone and still feeling BEAUTIFUL!”

Did you have any hesitations about booking your session?

“Yes, for sure. I debated on doing it for months because I didn’t think I was the right kind of woman to do it.” Note from Adena here…anyone else feel this way?! Hear this please! The Blush & Tease Experience is made for women like YOU!

What was the best part of working with Adena?

“She feels like a girlfriend you’ve known for years, her natural ability to make you comfortable no matter if you’re chatting over wine or in front of her camera.”

Has this experience changed how you feel about yourself? 

“Most definitely. I still hate having my photo taken but I know I’m capable of taking a beautiful photo. Naked. Never thought I’d say that!”

What did you think when your first saw your photographs?

“At first it was ‘that’s so cute!’ Then it was ‘oh my.’ Then she showed me the ones that brought tears to my eyes because the photos were breathtaking. And it was me.”

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your Blush & Tease Experience?

“10 for sure”

Well B.L. I have to say right back ‘atcha! You are a 10 in my book, all day every day! What an incredible experience watching you fall more in love when yourself. And thank you for renaming your playlist…”This is How We Do It”! You’re seriously the best!

xo Adena