Friday Favorites – Denver Boudoir Photographer

Its FRIDAY! To be honest, sometimes blogging can feel like such a chore! But let me tell you…every time I open a Friday Fave email and read through it, the word chore goes RIGHT out the window!

When an email from a clients starts with … “I have never felt more beautiful and I think I was walking on cloud nine after that shoot (even before i saw a single image!)” my day, week, month is OFFICIALLY made! This is why I do what I do! I seriously have the best boudoir clients in the universe! And reading a little part of their experience just makes me feel even more lucky to have met them, gotten to know them, and had the chance to walk them through this self love experience. But hey, Friday Faves are not for me to go on and on about how much I love my job (trust me, you’ve probably read that enough by now)! Friday Faves are for the boudoir beauties to tell us which photograph is their favorite and why!

“My favorite image (and this was very hard to choose just one) is below. All I can say about this one is hello under boob! The entire process from the first meeting to the unveiling of the images was very comfortable and I think everyone woman should give this experience a shot. It is 100% up to you how much skin you show. I wasn’t originally planning to do nudes but I felt so comfortable with Adena that I went for it and I am so glad I did. Seeing my new husband get to that portion of the book and totally freak out was well worth it!  It is a very empowering experience. If I could, I would do a shoot with Adena every month just for the confidence boost!” -MsV

Well, in case any of my fellow Colorado friends were chilly this evening, that might heat things up! (Insert mind blown emoji here)

So tell me, would you bring a white tee to your boudoir session? If so, would we shoot it cute and flirty OR steamy and well, see above?

xo Adena