Get Outside – Denver Boudoir Photographer

As this new year (and new website) start taking shape, its exciting to also feel inspiration and passion for a new kind of photography session. Most of you have heard me use the phrase (or hashtag) REDEFINING BOUDOIR. Let me explain…boudoir has a pretty straight forward reputation and I just don’t believe the Blush & Tease experience fits in that mold. Now of course, I have tons of Denver clients who come to me for boudoir sessions. Lingerie, hair & makeup, pearls, bodysuits, sheets, its all incredibly beautiful. But even in those sessions, we take it further. We dig deeper then the physical side of boudoir and focus on the emotional, vulnerable, storytelling side.

You will see this, most obviously, in images where my clients aren’t wearing lingerie and aren’t in boudoir poses (I mean, those bodysuits and booty shots seem to distract us haha). I’m passionate about telling your story. Hence, changing the way the website looks and even how I introduce myself on the home page.

My name is Adena and I’m a women’s portraiture and boudoir photographer in Denver, CO.

I tell the stories of women who live life authentically and love themselves truly.

The Blush & Tease experience is made for every woman. So the question is, what are you waiting for?

“She never looked nice. 

She looked like art 

and art wasn’t supposed to look nice, 

it was supposed to make you feel something.”

-Rainbow Rowell

I’m passionate about photographing a beautiful woman, inside and out, with a heart the size of the sun. When we add in her passion of dancing, something truly comes alive in the photos.
I’m passionate about turning a quiet moment in the studio into a piece of fine art that she can forever cherish.
I’m passionate about pulling vulnerable emotion out of a busy ladies. Moms, brides, business owners, insert your many hats here. You all seem to be moving in a million directions. Lets capture that moment of just you, shamelessly feminine, enjoying every inch of who you are.

I hope you can see the difference between traditional boudoir vs. Blush & Tease. I hope these pictures make you think more then just “Dang girl…YOU SEXY!” I hope they make you feel something.
But lets take this a step further. Lets GET OUTSIDE.
Last year I had a few clients whose stories were just too big for the studio. It required wind in her hair and dirt between her toes. These are stories I will tell later, at another time, in another blog. But I hope you can see the emotions here. Larger then my Englewood Boudoir Studio. Incredibly powerful moments for these beauties. A lack of control on my part (which you know is not always welcome) invites a new creativity that inspires adventurous art.
During these sessions, I felt like a new phase of my photography journey began. I came to life in a whole new way. I’m so excited to share these sessions with you and offer them to my clients during the summer of 2017. Space is limited! But they will be epically beautiful, priceless pieces of art (kinda like you).
So head on over to the OUTDOOR GALLERY page and you’ll see why I love it so much. Then contact me to book your 2017 session! Let’s get outside!