Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

Its been a while since I posted a Friday favorite and OH did this lady steal my heart! I’ll let her tell the story about her boudoir experience:

Working with Adena was something I knew I wanted to do from the first time my cousin showed me her site! Adena and I scheduled a session in July but after some life conflicts I had to push my session to September. By the time of our scheduled shoot I had found out I was pregnant SO the idea of what I initially imagined had changed because I was now rocking an awesome 12 week baby bump! 

Being that I am a volunteer firefighter I really wanted Adena to capture the feminine side of me that I feel has been lost working in such a male dominated world. And becoming a mommy again was also something I had to mentally get used too because my whole world was beginning to change. My body can no longer handle the hard heavy lifting & cardio I put it through, because now my body was refusing to get to the gym & my flat tummy was slowly giving away to a bump that would continue to grow over the next several months. I can recall telling Adena in my initial meet up that I just didn’t feel my best right now & I just wanted her to help me feel sexy again with all of the changes that was happening with me. 

The day of my shoot finally came & I was so excited to see what Adena had in mind! The results of my shoot were FANTASTIC!! Adena not only captured my soft feminine side that I felt had been lost, but she also captured a super sexy side to pregnancy that absolutely drove my boyfriend (& fellow firefighter) crazy once he saw the images. Adena really did capture what we set out to do & I couldn’t be happier! I am looking forward to shooting with her again post baby!” -Ms. D.

Hair & Makeup by the amazing Allison Beach

AHHH! Don’t you just love that little belly! It was so much fun to work with Ms. D especially at this point in her life. We did poses that hid the bump but then we just let it fly. And NO I didn’t photoshop her tummy at all! Its all about posing and lighting. But seriously…how could you photoshop THIS? Its the perfect balance of sexy and momma.

Ms. D, thank  you for allowing me to share your pictures on the blog! Seriously, I LOVED my time with you. Although I know there was a little hesitation as your life changed, thank you for trusting me to capture the now. There is never a better time to love yourself, embrace your sexy, and see your beauty then TODAY. You are such a beautiful woman and I can’t wait to see you hold that baby in your arms!