Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

I’m so, so excited to share another Friday Favorite! These blogs are so important to me because its an opportunity for my past/present/future boudoir clients to read about the Blush & Tease experience from real women!

Lets jump right into Ms. M. I’ve known this beauty for a while and was thrilled when she booked her session with me! She’s a momma who deserves a break, a breath, and a new appreciation of who she is as a woman.

Hair & Makeup by Alli B

“So I couldn’t choose just one photo as my favorite! You did too good of a job to only pick just one…

This photo is one of my favorites because it is in my husband’s favorite dress shirt, which also happens to be my favorite color. I originally did the shoot with him in mind and knew I had to include one of his shirts. Wearing a man’s shirt with nothing underneath oozes sexy to me. This was the very first outfit of my shoot and I was extremely nervous and very much outside of my comfort zone by wearing something so revealing. By wearing his shirt as a reminder of one reason why I was there, helped me to start to relax and enjoy myself. Needless to say, my husband now looks at this shirt very differently 😉 ”

“I love this photo because it that is one of the most comfortable shirts EVER and wouldn’t necessarily be considered lingerie or something for a boudoir shoot. So much can be left to the imagination when only a little skin is showing. I like how it is just enough see through to add an element of sexy, while still be mostly covered up.”

“I remember feeling so amazed at myself when I saw this picture for the first time. The combination of the purple couch, the lace and the position of the sweater reminds me of old Hollywood (at least in my mind haha). More importantly, I remember how I felt that day during in this outfit. I had my ‘moment’ of what the shoot really meant to me and why I was there. I felt so comfortable and alive in my skin and appreciated everything about myself, both body and soul. In that moment, I wasn’t someone’s wife or mother. I was me: I was woman- beautifully flawed and beautifully perfect.” -Ms. M.

Ms. M., Thank you so much for sharing your favorites on the blog! Your words seriously made my week! I loved everything about your session. You are so classy, so timeless, so gorgeous. I can’t wait to get you in front of my camera again this summer…OUTSIDE?! xo Adena